Default sidebar categories

I have set 4 categories as sidebar default, they are all restricted. When i invite a user to join discourse with group permission to some of that categories sidebar still empty for that user.
Can someone help out? Thanks!

Sidebar is/going to be heavily for users, not for admins. But as admin you can set defaults in settings of Discourse.

That’s what he did…

I did but it doesn’t work, new user get none categories on Sidebar

Are these new users or existing users?

If they are existing users, when you change the default sidebar categories, you’ll have to apply the changes in the settings historically:

That only applies the change historically, so if you have already added default categories that you want to apply historically now, you’ll have to do the following:

  1. Remove the categories and click “No, only apply change going forward”
  2. Add them back, and click “Yes”

New users or existing, if the category is restrict to a certain group it doesnt show up, even if the user belongs to that group.

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I just did the following on a test site earlier before responding to this other topic:

  1. Added a category #foo that is only visible to the group @foo
  2. Added the #foo category to default sidebar categories
  3. Clicked “Yes” to apply historically
  4. Logged in as “Frank”, a user who is not part of the @foo group.
  5. Verified they do not see #foo in their sidebar
  6. Added “Frank” to the @foo group
  7. Refreshed the page in Frank’s window
  8. Verified they do see #foo in their sidebar
  9. Removed “Frank” from the @foo group
  10. Refreshed the page in Frank’s window
  11. Verified they do not see #foo in their sidebar

Any idea what might be different on your end?