Sidebar link / top button to PM admin

Hi there, I need to add a prominent link to the sidebar and/or a button in the top menu to send a private message to the administrator. Or if it’s any easier I could settle for linking to the /g/admins/ page.

In general, it appears that the sidebar is still not customizable beyond setting default categories and tags? Is this topic still current?

So if the sidebar isn’t feasible I might have to settle for a top header bar button, like the :heart: button that gets added deep into this tutorial:

But ideally I"d like to pre-fill the recipient too, not sure how to do that.

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If you want to add the link somewhere else, there are also theme-component to do that. For example
Custom Header Links
Custom Top Navigation Links


Thank you very much! I swear I searched extensively and I didn’t find that method to pre-fill a PM with a URL, exactly what I was looking for. :+1: And those theme components look like they’ll save me a bunch of time too.

So it looks like the sidebar is definitely not an option, at least not yet?


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