Sidebar on the Homepage and desktop only

(Jay Abie) #1

Hello friends,

How i can make a sidebar shows on the homepage, and desktop view only?
in other words, i don`t want that sidebar to show on mobile and inside the posts, only on the homepage and desktop.

can i do this with categories? can i show the posts and categories on the homepage and desktop only and show last posts on the mobile?

Thanks in advance.

(Evgeny) #2

You can use the plugin: *sidebar*

Based on them you can write your plugin, or use the ones that already exist and do everything you want.

Almost all sidebar plug-ins are used the way you want. In extreme cases, to turn off the display in the mobile version, you can apply the following css (for phones).

.sidebar { display: none; }

I like Discourse, a flexible platform. Thank you! :tada: