"Sidekiq is not running"

(Renai) #1

hey folks,

Firstly, Discourse rocks. Best forum software ever. Thanks so much for creating and supporting it!

Secondly, I have a small bug. I have a Discourse instance at http://forum.delimiter.com.au. It was installed in a DigitalOcean droplet by the Discourse team for me.

Everything has been performing fine for months, but recently I’ve been getting the following error:

“Some problems have been found with your installation of Discourse: Sidekiq is not running. Many tasks, like sending emails, are executed asynchronously by sidekiq. Please ensure at least one sidekiq process is running. Learn about Sidekiq here.”

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to resolve this?

Kind regards,


(Felix Freiberger) #2

Do you see any interesting in http://forum.delimiter.com.au/logs? What does http://forum.delimiter.com.au/sidekiq show you?

I’d guess that rebuilding the container fixes the issue. SSH into the server, and run

cd /var/discourse
sudo ./launcher rebuild app

(This will make your installation unavailable for a few minutes.)

(Renai) #3

This throws up a heap of errors, such as “Sidekiq heartbeat test failed, restarting”

and a lot of stuff like:

“Uncaught TypeError: e.get is not a function Url: http://forum.delimiter.com.au/assets/application-45e607a9054138f8f545cf8d6205b8c3.js Line: 13 Column: 7383 Window Location: http://forum.delimiter.com.”

Shows this page (is a bit clipped in the screenshot:

(Felix Freiberger) #4

Okay, thanks.

I’d try rebuilding and see if this helps. If all is well, the Enqueued count on /sidekiq should quickly drop to zero after rebuilding finishes.

(Renai) #5

I just rebuilt as per your instructions, and yeah – the error is gone. Also, a bunch of notifications which I hadn’t previously received popped up on my icon on the top right, so it seems like things are flowing again.

Much appreciated for your help! Will post again if there are any further issues.



(Felix Freiberger) #6


Yes, this is expected. Your forum should also have sent out all mails that were enqueued before.

Let’s hope the problem doesn’t return :slightly_smiling:

(Renai) #7

This may be the reason why I’ve seen a bit of diminished activity on the forum recently :frowning: I should have paid more attention.

Thanks again for your help!

(Jay Patel) #8

I am having same issue right now… i tried rebuild but its still pulling all my emails to retries … and no issue is shown from mailgun side what could be the issue?

only plugins i have turned on is discourse-sync-base
and discourse-sync-to-googledrive

Error on sidekiq is " Jobs::HandledExceptionWrapper: Wrapped Net::OpenTimeout: execution expired"