Sign-up banner component

This component is great if it works well.

I have installed and put it to my present theme. The banner didn’t show up when I visit in the incognito tab, however. It can’t be previewed as I have logged in.

Is it working now? Anything I can do?

Have you tried it in a non-private window in a different browser? It worked for me on my test site:


No, I just logged out and browsed the site in the same browser that is chrome. I tried as you said in the safari however it still does not shows. It shall be in effect now:

Can you try visit my community and see if the banner shows up?

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Here you go: :slight_smile:


Yep, I can confirm it works :slightly_smiling_face:

And I can confirm that too it seems to not show up in incognito mode. Maybe it’s a cookie thing :thinking:

Edit: Now it is show up in incognito mode too but for some reason it only appears after a few minutes.

Edit 2: I would like to correct my answer: Signup Banner - #7 by dodesz


Thanks a lot!~~~~~~~~~

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