Sign Up/ Login Buttons replace with one icon

Hello fellow Discourcers,

I have just started a community forum with your wonderful software. I am some sort of addicted to simple design.

My question is why we have 2 buttons for login and sign up, when only login button should be enough in my opinion.

Even it will look much better if these two buttons are replaced with human like icon, then we will have instead of two buttons and two icons, only three icons.

I think it will look wonderful.


probably it’s something which only bugs me.
Is there easy way to do it for myself?

I agree - sign up and login should be replaced with a single button.

You can hide the sign up button using CSS.

That’s the easy part, I want to replace also the login button with human icon, like on the button itself.
Also the that icon should be placed after the menu button and when you log in, it will be replaced with the circle icon.

I believe you can achieve this via CSS as well :slight_smile: If you specify a bit more I’ll be glad to help! :slight_smile: