Sign up/suspended account info

(Logan Devine) #1

I have been suspended somewhere

And it says hay you can’t sign up but

So it says

And if I click sign up

But it reloads later and kicks me out

(Régis Hanol) #2

There’s not much we can do here.

That “blue box” is shown to anonymous (ie. not logged in) users. There’s no way to know what account you’ll use unless you actually try to log in. At which point we check if your account is suspended.

(Logan Devine) #3

Yes but I can’t sign up on top bar
Because it knows my IP address

(Régis Hanol) #4

In order to handle this, we would have to publish the list of blacklisted IP/mail addresses.

Which is not… recommended :wink:

(cpradio) #5

As an FYI, it doesn’t seem to be hiding the sign up button due to your IP address. It is hidden for me too. My guess is it is hidden for all.

(Logan Devine) #6

I have seen it there before and after reload it appears for about 2 milasecs and goes away

(Luke S) #7

No, I can see the sign-up button.

If you browse the site a bit, you’ll find that it has some fairly broad off-topic, no-go rules, along with a fairly aggressive moderation policy. (Their Meta category has some posts about why this is…)

I would not be surprised if they have manually added a fair number of IP addresses/ranges to their blacklist as well.