Signed Google Cloud CDN URLs

Summary: Utilize Google Cloud CDN with secure media!

:link: GitHub: GitHub - Wolftallemo/gcloud-cdn-signer: Discourse plugin to utilize Google Cloud CDN with secure media
:arrow_right: Install: Follow the plugin installation guide.


Secure Media is a great feature of Discourse, however there is no built-in CDN support. This plugin adds support for Google Cloud CDN’s signed links implementation.



  • Secure Media must be enabled
  • Google Cloud Storage bucket
  • Your S3 CDN URL must be set and Google Cloud CDN properly configured


  1. Head to the LB Backends page and select your backend bucket.

  2. Click edit, and open the advanced configurations panel.

  3. Set the restricted content setting to signed urls and cookies, then create a signing key.

  4. Grant the cdn cache fill service account viewer access to your bucket

  5. Set the signing key value (cdn_signed_urls_key) and key name (cdn_signed_urls_key_name) that you generated earlier.

  6. Enable cdn_signed_urls_enabled