Signup button while on mobiles

When we access a discourse forum from a mobile device, the “signup” button is nowhere to be seen, though the login button is.

Is there a way we can add a signup button for mobile devices too?

Does Login > Create New Account not work?

ah, i should have mentioned that on my message. Though that does work, but most people might not even consider that.
It’s much better to have a direct button/link on upfront.

Feel free to override the text on the button to whatever you prefer in Admin, Customize, Text.

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…is there a way we can make this modification visible only on mobiles? Else it’ll look like “signup” and “signup/login” on a computer :no_mouth:

… anyone else who can think of a solution?

You could override the text and hide the sign up button even on desktop.

I went to Admin, Customize, Text… i typed “log in”. Following are the options i get, and none of them reflect the change.

…sorry for the super rocket-science question, but which one from the list is the correct on for the “log in” button on the nav bar… i tried all but none of them work.

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don’t know which one is the answer! since mine doesn’t change either, but know that sometimes for the text to be customized after the changes, i had to run the launcher rebuild app, because of the cashing issue.