Signup email not being sent

Item 2 - “The user enters their account details and receives an activation e-mail in their inbox.”

We set up must approve users, but the activation email is not being sent to new user’s inbox after signup. Any potential cause of this? (By the way, new user was able to receive the follow up email to activate account 2 days after they sign up).

@simon Would appreciate your insights as well :point_up_2:. Thanks

The activation email should be sent as normal whether you have approval set or not. :thinking: Do your email logs show it as being sent? /admin/email/sent

Hi @JammyDodger ,

It’s interesting that the new member received the “sign up” email when this was initially being setup. But on later testing dates, the new member only received the “activation_reminder” email 2 days after they’ve signed up. Any thoughts on what may be causing this? Thanks so much.

You could check the /skipped list just to be sure, though I don’t know why a signup email would be skipped?

Is there anything special about the users/emails you’re using to test this out?

No logs found in the skipped emails.

With the type of membership, it should technically be the same where new members sign up thru the Wishlist Member registration link which automatically creates a new user in Discourse. The new user account is not yet active at this point so the next step should be a new member receives the sign up email… But we’re not sure why it’s not being sent for some reason…

I thought the /skipped page might be a long shot. :slight_smile:

It could be something to do with the method you’re using to create users, perhaps. How is the Wishlist Member registration link configured?

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Thanks for your insights @JammyDodger , we’ll look into the registration configuration - hopefully we’ll be able to sort this out soon.


I’m guessing a bit here. Do you have DiscourseConnect enabled between WordPress and Discourse? If so, users are probably clicking the “Log in” button on your Discourse site to initiate the sign up and not clicking a “Sign Up” button.

Assuming the above is correct, if you have the “Create or Sync Discourse Users on Login” option enabled on the WP Discourse DiscourseConnect Provider options tab enabled, that could likely cause a different login flow for users who signup through a Wishlist Member registration link than for users who signup by clicking the “Log in” button on Discourse. I could be way off base here though if that’s not how you have things configured.

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@simon , yes to using DiscourseConnect and you’re also right when you said “clicking the Log in button” instead of clicking the “Sign up button”.

With this, what can we do to enable users to receive the “Signup” email immediately after they’ve signed up? Or is this not possible with how we set it up?

Thanks for this Simon. :slight_smile:

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This is making sense now. What the users are doing is registering an account on WordPress, not on Discourse. This can be somewhat confusing from the user’s point of view with DiscourseConnect, but that’s probably a separate issue.

What’s happening now is that the user clicks the “Log in” button on Discourse. They are redirected to your WordPress site’s Login page. They then need to navigate from the Login page to the site’s registration page (that’s the confusing part.) After registering on the site, they should be sent an email from WordPress asking them to activate their account (this will depend on your WordPress site’s configuration.) Assuming your WordPress site has the default registration configuration, the user will then click the link in the activation email and go through the steps required for activating their WordPress account and logging into the site.

If you have the WP Discourse “Create or Sync Discourse Users on Login” option enabled:

logging into WordPress will cause a Discourse user to be automatically created. If you don’t have that option enabled on WordPress, the Discourse user won’t be created until they either click the Discourse “Log in” button again, or click a Discourse login link that you’ve added to your WordPress site.

In either case, once the Discourse user is created, a “Needs approval” review entry will be created on your Discourse site:

Your Discourse site’s staff will be notified that there’s a user waiting for approval. When a staff member approves the user, the user will be sent a “You’ve been approved” email from Discourse.

This seems like a very complicated approach for giving users access to the Discourse site. The easiest way to simplify it (from a user’s point of view) would be to disable the must approve users setting on Discourse. If you have users on your WordPress site that you don’t want to allow to access your Discourse site, it would be better to add some code to your WordPress site to prevent some users from logging into Discourse: How to prevent some WP users from being able to login to Discourse - #2 by simon.

I don’t think there’s a great use case for having the must approve users setting enabled when DiscourseConnect is enabled. From a user’s point of view it’s quite confusing.

I’d like to find a good solution to the issue I mentioned about users who don’t yet have accounts on either Discourse or WordPress clicking the Discourse “Log in” button with DiscourseConnect is enabled. Maybe Discourse could add a discourse connect signup url setting. When configured, users could be redirected to the auth provider’s signup page instead of to the auth provider’s login page. For now, the best solution is to make sure that the “registration” link is obvious on the auth provider’s login page. With the default WordPress login page, it’s not that obvious:

You’re always a great help @simon . Thanks so much for this. This is super. You got a better workflow when we were just trying to figure it all out. Will share this to the team to look into.

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