Simple way to import a single user into Discourse?

Hello all. We use Discourse with SSO where Wordpress handles the login and then allows the user access to Discourse.

So basically no one can just signup via Discourse. They have to signup via our Wordpress site.

My question:

In a certain situation due to a technical issue we are having I sometimes have the need to just force a new account into Discourse. Is there a simple point & click way of doing this somehow? I don’t have access to the shell for this Discourse installation.


There is nothing similar to the ‘Add New User’ functionality that is available on WordPress sites. If you have access to the WordPress server and have WP-CLI installed on it, you could manually create the user on WordPress and then use sync_sso to create the user on Discourse. The WP Discourse plugin has some functions that could help with this.

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Thanks @simon. Sadly the problem is that sync_sso is timing out on the Discourse end of things when it’s a new user that needs to be created in Discourse. Everything related to sso works great when the user already exists in Discourse.

(This problem has been happening to us sporadically for years now and we’ve never been able to figure out why.)

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