Single sign on for non-wordpress site, using bubble code free


I would like to implement single sign On with my site.
I kind of don’t know where to start.

It’s not a WordPress site, it’s built in bubble codefree app.

Now I can call APIs through this, so maybe I can do all this through an API call.

Ive read some of the posts but they seem to be related to WordPress, and don’t really give step by step instructions for non WordPress sites.

Check out the SSO category for lots of topics on how to implement single sign-on between Discourse and another site.


Thanks i’ve seen the SSO category.

There is allot of information there, and i’ve even read the SSO page.

But it’s hard to find a step by step example of someone doing this for a custom site.
That would really help, so i can then watch them do it, and in turn perform those actions on my custom site.

Understand that each custom site is different, but seeing an example would put more light on what i need to do

You can’t implement our SSO in your current environment, it’s impossible.

You need a server, web server software and to create a software that implement our SSO algorithm that involves crypto and cookie manupulation.

Are you saying, I can or I cannot?

Oh, sorry a typo, let me edit.

You can’t implement SSO in environment. I believe that you will need then to create a widget or interface specific. Ask their support.

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I’m not convinced thats the case

Because it’s just about calling APIs and bubble supports calling APIs

  • “” claims their own site is built using their own software
  • themselves have a Discourse forum install
  • Their forum uses SSO

Your best bet is to talk to their support regarding this integration as it requires knowledge of their product in order to configure / know if it’s possible.