Single sign-on sticks despite deleting the Discourse plugin

Hello. I first installed the Discourse plugin to benefit from SSO. This was working great, until I caused a problem later today, as I forgot that SSO was already set up and used a different plugin (PrimeTime WP Discourse SSO) to set it up (again!).
This must have caused a conflict because now, despite uninstalling both Discourse SSO plugins, I can’t access the community on Discourse and there is a re-direct from the community URL to my website, if that makes sense.
I’m not tech savvy but think there must be some code that stuck somewhere despite the deletions.
Any thoughts about how I flush everything out and re-start the process from scratch with the Discourse plugin?
It was working great before I messed it up!
Many thanks!

Guess it would work for you

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You should be able to use the [YourSite]/users/admin-login link to bypass the SSO and reset it from your admin settings. :+1:

Just to add a couple of settings worth checking when you do get back in:

  • enable discourse connect
  • enable discourse connect provider
  • enable local logins

You can also filter the admin settings using ‘Only show overridden’ to bring up only the ones that you’ve changed. :+1:


Really helpful, thank you @William_Gary and @JammyDodger. All worked, and I’m back in now. Will look through the guidance above and set it all up again.
Thanks so much! :grinning:

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