SSO using WP-discourse plugin


I’m trying to integrate sso between Wordpress and Discourse using WP-discourse plugin.
It seems somewhat working but not sure if this is working correctly.
Sorry if this is the duplicated question. (I’ve searched but couldn’t find so I’m asking here)

Does users have to press “Login” button on Discourse in order to login to Discourse? In my case, I was logged in on Wordpress site when I went to my forum, I was not signed into the forum immediately, but signed in after pressing the “Login” button. Is this the right result? Or users should be logged in automatically when they come to the forum from wordpress?

It seems like “Logout” doesn’t sync between wordpress and discourse. Am I missing something or WP-discourse plugin doesn’t offer this function?

Thanks for your help!

That’s coming soon. Take a look at this topic:

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