DiscourseConnect, SSO and E-Mail address confirmation


We are using discourse with SSO authentication from our site. User passes our authentication, then goes to the Discourse site and clicks “Login” there; our server sends a request with SSO data to get the URL for redirection. Now we have a task to update some user properties in Discourse profile when user changes it in the site profile. We have used Discourse API “Update Email” method to update E-Mail address, but, when user changes E-Mail, a new address adds to the Discourse profile as unconfirmed. When i’m trying to send a confirmation message, the message goes to the old, already confirmed address, and the confirmation URL from the message doesn’t work. Can i do something to update E-Mail address without confirmation? We have no need to confirm the address using Discourse, because our authenhication system already does it. One more moment: the old address may be already inaccessible, which makes E-Mail changing impossible for the user.

You should use the sync_sso route for that, see Sync DiscourseConnect user data with the sync_sso route. Also, make sure to enable Admin - Settings - Login - auth overrides email.


Greatest thanks. Description shows, that it’s all we need. I will try to use it.

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