Site always not found in DiscourseHub

On the latest version, when I try and add a site, it doesn’t add.

Same thing happens when you are http or https.

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

Your site has https enabled. But the canonical tag doesn’t have https in the URL. It may be related to the issue.


How can I change it to have https? I was told force_https will break the site because of my current ssl config

How is your SSL configured?

If you’re using HTTPS then force_https isn’t optional. You need to fix your SSL encapsulation if it’s not compatible with force_https.

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That’s just what I was told. I’ll enable force_https right now and just disable it from the rails console if it breaks something

You were told that by someone here on meta?

Correction: Cloudflare seems to have picked up on it and SSL is working fully and the site is working.
Still not letting me add it. I’d record it if I could but it says my real address when I try and type it in