Site becomes blank after update due to topic list plugin


I updated yesterday my website. The process looked fine but the website is completely blank:

Any help much appreciated.

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Hey Richard,

Your site loads just fine in safe mode – - Simulation aérienne Forum & Discussions. Can you try to use the options there to figure out what exactly is causing this error?

Uncaught TypeError: route is undefined
    initialize 0349339c1db85f050f5e45323f5c151527728ec0.js:1607
    initialize 0349339c1db85f050f5e45323f5c151527728ec0.js:1605
    initialize _application-2bffcc084608e48944e6dde869ccde3606797fbcb07c2345c84cf88c5f47f9d3.js:6927
    jQuery 21

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Unfortunately, I cannot reach the GUI to change options. Is there a way to do it by command line on the server ?

I meant you should first figure out the cause of the issue by visting the safe mode link which will load:

As always, a good first bet is to remove all unofficial plugins from your app.yml and rebuild the site.

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OK. Got it. Something is wrong with unofficial plugin topic list previews. So I inactivate it

Thank you for your help


i have the same problem also with the unofficial plugin “topic list previews” anyone a solution? thanks.

Hey everyone,

@merefield has pushed a fix at Topic List Previews and rebuilding should bring the site back. If you still have problems, feel free to bring it up on that topic.