Site Blank After Rebuild

I am trying to move my old uploads to S3. I started a post about this earlier here:

I got our CDN setup and everything ultimately was working fine. I then followed the instructions for doing the S3 setup here:

Did my rebuild and now my site comes up blank except for the loading time widget on the top left.

I clearly did something wrong, but I have no clue what or how to fix it. Help please!

EDIT: Sidekiq still loads, but doesn’t show any processes running.

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Hey, your site is using my example domain as the S3 CDN.

As said in the guide, that domain should point to the domain of the CDN service you are using to cache the Object Storage files.


That author himself! :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m an idiot! I changed it in the dashboard, but not in the app.yml. Rebuilding!


We are back! Thank you!

Does the transfer over to s3 happen in the background now?

Given the new hook, it should happen during rebuild. Yes, it happens in the Prime Time :wink:

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Awesome! How do I verify that things have moved?

All files should be loading from S3 now.

I’m gonna jump back over to the original thread since I’m getting off topic here.

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