Stop using Amazon s3 for uploads

I want to stop using Amazon s3 for uploads.
I’ve not done a rake task like this so want to check things before I run on the live environment.
My plan is to use a clone of my live server to test the rake task uploads:migrate_from_s3.

Will this move the files from s3?
Or copy them to the local storage and leave the s3 files there until I manually delete them?

If it deletes them from s3 that will break the live forum and that would be bad!

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I believe @vinothkannans can point you in the right direction here.

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Yes, it will remove the file from S3.

You should clone your S3 bucket too. And change the bucket name to newly cloned one in the site settings before testing the migration process.

Also I will recommend you to take a backup of S3 bucket before running the migration in live environment.