Site testing: five users

Hi Friends, as you test the usability of your sites, here’s an interesting insight:

It makes the process feel far more manageable to me!


I think the real key is to keep on testing. All CMs should make this part of their monthly routine. Run your golden paths to make sure you haven’t introduced friction for users that you’re unaware of because you haven’t tried to sign up since you launched the site.


Yes I have covered this in multiple forms:

Also, complaint driven development:

You don’t need to find all the problems. In fact, you’ll never find all of the problems in anything you test. And it wouldn’t help if you did, because of this fact:

You can find more problems in half a day than you can fix in a month.

You’ll always find more problems than you have the resources to fix, so it’s very important that you focus on fixing the most serious ones first. And three users are very likely to encounter many of the most significant problems related to the tasks that you’re testing.

The above statements by Steve Krug (whose Don’t Make Me Think book I basically worship) are deeply, profoundly true. If you only ever learn one thing about usability, make it this fact.