Site texts - The following interpolation key(s) are invalid:

We are unable to update one of our Site Text template.
The error displayed is: The following interpolation key(s) are invalid: “company_domain, company_full_name”

This template is tos_topic.body, which are our Discourse Terms of Service. For some reason, it isn’t letting me save my changes (I need to change a few links) and displayed the message:

Any reason why?
Are there new keys to use instead of those?

It is the first time we edit those so it never changed before.

Hello, Mariane!

We just added functionality to show the list of available keys underneath the input field. For tos_topic.body the following keys are available:

  • base_url
  • company_name
  • contact_email
  • governing_law
  • city_for_disputes

For your case, it seems like base_url and company_name might be the new keys you are looking for. Please give it a go and see if it looks correct to you.