Site throws a blank screen after trying to enable LetsEncrypt

I tried to follow the guide mentioned on this page but the site shows me a white screen on http:// version and throws a “unable to connect” error on https:// version. I am not sure what problem is. Can someone help me here? Thanks!

Have you gone through the debugging steps?

Well, I tried to see if certs were installed right. It showed total: 0. I tried Manually reissue the cert next and got it installed right. It shows total: 4 now.

But now, even the http:// version is messy now. Shows me “unable to connect” error. I do not understand the logs completely, but AFAIK, it shows that there is something messy with the cert installation.

Any leads here? Thanks!

Can you try the following commands?

./launcher enter app
sv reload nginx
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Now it shows Error response from daemon: Container app is not running when I run this.

What does docker ps show?

It shows this?

You need to start the container again before running those commands.

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I have no idea what just happened. But, I rebuilt the app and now, my Discourse setup is on HTTPS! The certs seems to be installed just right too. Thank you so much on the help, @tgxworld! :smiley:

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