Skeleton loader is active in chat drawer


I place this in ux because it is works but seems it is only active in drawer and there was a commit to shows skeleton only on initial load. PERF: applies optimisations on chat-live pane by jjaffeux 路 Pull Request #20532 路 discourse/discourse 路 GitHub and it seems there is a problem with positioning too but it is maybe cause the loader.

Mar-16-2023 18-47-39

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


I鈥檓 a bit unclear about what expectation you have here which is not being met.

Are you seeing the skeleton when you don鈥檛 expect to ? Or are you expecting to see the skeleton in some case but not seeing it?


On full page chat desktop or mobile this is not use skeleton because of performance.

can this skeleton load icon be made for normal pages as well?

Oh, OK. I think I understand.

The skeleton itself is a 鈥渇eature鈥. We show it when messages are not yet loaded to improve the experience of scrolling.

I think what you鈥檙e pointing out here is that there is an unexplained and/or unexpected performance difference in loading earlier messages when in the drawer mode, and your evidence of that is that the skeleton appears.

Is that what your getting at?

I think skeleton should only be active on initial load when you open a channel. The commit I linked above contains this on description 鈥渟how skeleton only on initial load鈥 which works fine on full page chat desktop and mobile. Only drawer keeps skeleton for this purpose and this is why I think this is not by design. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now it uses always when you click to show a reply or a link to a previous message in the same channel even if the message is loaded. Here is an example the replied message is already loaded.

Mar-17-2023 07-12-28

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Im pretty sure I fixed this the other day, I just tried and it didnt cause a full reload to click a reply.

EDIT: apparently it works on mobile, but not on desktop, weird. Will have a look.


This should have been fixed :+1:


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