Lazy load sidebar content


Since we can add dynamically content like (categories, tags and chat) to the new sidebar, it can contains lots of content. So it can be really slow to open on weaker devices like on my Android mobile (Huawei P20 Pro).

My sidebar is now contains on my site:

  • 9 categories
  • 5 tags
  • 8 chat channels
  • 19 personal chats

But these are changes frequently, I mean mostly the personal chat section.

It usually takes up to ~1s to open the sidebar on my Huawei mobile when every sections are expanded. I think maybe mostly loading the personal chat section cause this slowness. If I collapse the sidebar sections the open is immediately. I am just wondering it can be possible to add some kind of lazy loading solution to the sidebar content to load it ~ immediately, when the sections are in expanded position? I think the collapse function is partly because for this, but by default these are expanded and members don’t know if they collapse it it will be faster and honestly I would prefer to use it with expanded sections much more then toggle sections always.

I know there is a CSS solution for the menu panels which is make it faster, to load only the first 20 items while opening, it works fine but the sidebar opening feels slow. I think because of the number of the hidden items which loading while the menu moving. :thinking:

I tried on iPhone which is of course super fast and no lag or slowness. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the report @dodesz. We’ll do some digging here and see if there’s anything we can do to improve the performance, particularly on slower devices :eyes:


We’ve made a couple of changes here which should help performance a little:

We hope to spend some time on rendering performance improvements in future, but don’t have any specifics planned yet.