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I have seen a bunch of the discussions on meta about leveraging Slack as a notification service for when something is posted on a discourse forum. What I am wondering about if there is a way (via plugin) or some other method, to have ‘chats’ within Slack be auto posted to an instance of Discourse, so the reverse of what the existing plugins do today.

The reason here is that we are on the free tier of Slack for a community association, and we have run over the 10,000 message limit, and can no longer access old conversations. I would like to use an instance of Discourse as an archive of Slack, if at all possible.


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With the chat integration you do have the ability to post transcripts from Slack to Discourse, but it’s a manual slash command… it might be possible to automate that command with a bot on Slack’s end?


This is a really encouraging concept! It is already awesome to see threaded posting to Slack supported. If possible, seeing Slack responses threaded back to Discourse would take it to the next level!

Users know their discourse posts are x-posted to Slack, so it makes sense to send back their responses made in Slack. Ideally, this would include comments and reactions. Thanks for any work that happens on this!

Jumping in here to share best practices about using Chat and Discourse together :speech_balloon:

The Complementary workflows section of the article might help find a good balance, if you decide to use Discourse for more than just transcripts!


Have we found a solution?

We need a version of this too. Our use case is that some members won’t be on Slack due to accessibility but we want them to be able to have a record of specific high priority channels like our Announcements section.

Right now we’re using Zapier to send every message in Announcements to a single topic we’ve set aside for that purpose.

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