Slightly less wide tag chooser

On meta, I discovered a new UX difference: the tag chooser is slightly less wide than the title field and category chooser.


Probably sk2 cc @joffreyjaffeux


Actually that’s been around for a while as I recall but we should fix it.


I think it’s two problems

  1. select-kit 2 is forcing the tag input onto a separate line by default

  2. The longer-standing issue is that sometimes tags get pushed onto their own line when there’s a long category name, and at that point the left margin on the tag input is no longer needed. There’s no good way to account for that variability in flexbox… for mobile maybe we just force it to always be two-columns and truncate (I think it might have been that way before?).

    This isn’t a problem with grid, so at some point updating those inputs to use grid would allow it to be more flexible with fewer issues (probably best after we drop IE support)