Slow mode includes edit suggestion even when editing is restricted

I come from and was told by a moderator (not-ethan) to report this here.
A topic was set as slow mode where you cannot edit replies. Thus, I had to create new replies every time. I tried to post a new reply and was met by the error telling me not to post more than 3 times consecutively. First of all, that was my third post so it shouldn’t have triggered that. Secondly, it told me to edit a post instead. I can’t edit a post because that feature is disabled (on that topic). Thus, it recommended that I do something which I could not do.
I got this message when posting here.


Hi Elijah. :wave:

When I visit the URL I see four consecutive responses from you.

That isn’t a message from the “slow mode”, it’s a setting called max consecutive replies, which defaults to 3:

Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 14-55-18 fnord

The message may be shown in many contexts, and it does recommend a path forward: “or wait for someone to reply to you”.

I think in most cases the combination of slow mode and max consecutive replies works for site operators and would not be considered a bug.

Did you have a suggested change? :slight_smile:

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I deleted the 3rd one to make the 4th one so unless a moderator is involved that’s also a bug. Anyway, the main point was that when editing posts is turned off and I tried to add a post that would exceed the limit it gave a message saying to post again, which I can’t do because it exceeds the limit.

I have to make a new post for this because new users can only put one media per post (ironic since I’m TL3 on Replit Ask).

The third one is deleted IDK why it shows.

It does seem like it would be better if the max consecutive replies feature did not count deleted replies against the limit.

@CoderElijah, note that Discourse has another setting, “slow mode prevents editing”, which is enabled by default. That setting is the reason you couldn’t edit in slow mode.

I recommend asking the admins at to disable slow mode prevents editing. IMO, slow mode should always allow editing; I’ve argued elsewhere that the built-in Discourse default (which prevents editing) is a bad default. But at least it’s just a few clicks to change it.

There’s another Meta thread about this here:


Never knew that good to know. Going to bring that and the other settings up soon since Im a mod over on Ask

Only if it would then block restoring the deleted post for non-staff or users will abuse it.

I’ve seen a variant of that abuse on the NaNoWriMo forums where we have one user who hates having his posts hidden by flags will immediately delete the post and restore it which bypasses the timeout.

Never knew that would bypass it. We (TL3+) would probably notice since we have almost no bad content luckly

Until that user started doing it, I didn’t know it was possible either and I’d been running a few instances for friends for ages at that point.

The problem is that I cannot edit my previous Reply because it’s in slow mode.

I wish I could put both images in one post.