Small chat window position and resizing of the browser's window

I often resize my browser’s (Chrome) window. Especially, I like to move it to the left side of my screen with win+left to see other stuff on the right side (thanks to our wide screens…)
But when I do that, the chat window position recalculates wrongly its new position.

The result is that the chat window now appears somewhat in the center of my browser, instead of being stuck to the right.
Closing and re-displaying the chat window doesn’t resolve the issue.
A full reload (ctrl+F5) is needed for the chat window to be properly positioned.

Here’s a video showing the issue. At the end, I fully reload the page, then I click on the chat icon, and the chat position is properly calculated.

By the same logic, if your browser isn’t in full screen, and you drag the right side to widen the window, the chat position will continue to “follow” the right side of the browser as if it was stuck to it until you force the reload of the page: