SMF's categories vs Discourse's categories

(David Sánchez) #1

In SMF a category is just a container for boards, i.e. you can not post anything in a category, you can only post in a Board or a sub-board. SMF allows for unlimited sub-boards.

In Discourse you can create topics in categories and sub-categories (two levels). To dig more, you use tags.

Assuming a forum is moved from SMF to Discourse is correct to assume the following will happen? For instance in Simple Machines Community Forum - Index

Category: Simple Machines
 Board: News and Updates 
  Child (sub) board: Archives

In Discourse:

  • “Simple Machines” will become a category
  • “News and updates” will become a sub-category of the above
  • “Archives” will dissapear and all topics in it will be tagged with the word “Archives”? and all topics there will belong to “News and Updates”

Reason I am asking this is to prepare my forum’s structure for possible migration to Discourse.


(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

After doing this, you can amend the script to “Archive Topic” on Discourse.

(David Sánchez) #3

Hi Rafael, maybe the “Archives” name is not a good example. I just wanted to know what exactly happens with sub-sub-sub-category from SMF or any other traditional bulletin board when migrated to Discourse. Thanks.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

Well we don’t have more than 2 levels deep categories, so it makes sense to reconsider your whole category infrastructure before migrating.