SMS secondary verification


I want to make a plugin for sms authentication login

After user login with password requires SMS secondary verification

Who can help me to do this, please give me a quote.
Thank you very much!!!

Using SMS for two factor authentication isn’t particularly secure. You might want to consider a different approach.



What would you recommend?

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For example: This is why you shouldn’t use texts for two-factor authentication - The Verge

I tend to use Google Authenticator, but there are plenty of options out there.

Is two factor authentication not already an option on Discourse though? It seems likely it is.
EDIT: I see there’s some option for it in user settings.


Check out the external links in these two topics for more info on the lack of security using SMS:


@seanblue @Remah Dear All
Thanks for your reminder,
I know the discourse suggest more secure secondary verification:like Google Authenticator

but we like it becouse it sample, maybe someday we use the 2FA app like Google Authenticator,
I’m from china, in our country, Almost all apps, including large companies, use SMS authentication.
so, i want to know how much should i pay to achieve the sms verification.


Anyone who can help me to do this plugin,
Please…let me know the price.

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Have you a means of sending text messages in China? You already have an account to send texts and can provide credentials for sending texts to develop the plugin? Do they have an API that’s well documented? Can that text provider send texts outside of China if the developer isn’t in China?

You haven’t mentioned a budget, which often means that the person asking doesn’t have a sufficient budget. I’m not sure just how hard it’ll be. Do you have all of the above and $1000 to $5000?

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thanks, we can use the SMS provider like Twilio, or other not chinese prover.
just make sure the chinese phone number can recieve the verification code,
like my phone can recieve the google verification code for login gmail.
can you give me more detail about how we can cooperation.

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this is aliyun sms documented
it’s chinese.

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