Sms verification

I’m not able to find any plugin for user verification with sms/call but I’ve seen it on some discourse based forums


My guess would be that they’re using their own login provider as an SSO method for Discourse… so that verification is happening outside of Discourse.

Note that SMS isn’t generally considered secure due to sim swap attacks.


Please check they are using it I want to use the same

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Thanks for the link. It appears they built a custom plugin for their site to verify users with Twilio’s sms service. As far as I know this isn’t a publicly available plugin.


Can you suggest another verification than sms to verify client is legit

What do you mean by legit? I guess I need more information on what you’re trying to achieve through verification.

Are you trying to make creating new accounts more difficult for spammers/attackers? Are you trying to make individual accounts more secure (Discourse has 2-factor authentication built-in)?

Yes I want to make difficult to sign up for spammers

Are you doing this for an existing forum, or for a new one?

I ask because Discourse already has a lot of protections in place to make things more annoying for spammers. So if you’re starting a new site you may find that you don’t need additional verification.

For example, you can restrict permissions on new users so they can’t post links or images until they’ve used the site for a little while. You also have the option to configure Akismet for your forum, which will scan all new posts and user bios for spam, and automatically flag possible spam posts for review.

There’s also a third-party plugin that integrates with Stop Forum Spam

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Actually I want to create paid membership forum where user have to pay to create account and must needed to verified that the user is 100% real and legit not spammer
Can you suggest on this?
I’m sorry for this questions but I’m new with discourse

Oh I see, There are a couple of options that allow you to take payment and associate it with forum membership.

We’re planning to add a way to accept payments within Discourse directly in the future, but don’t have an exact date yet.