SMTP Settings in app.yml reset?

I feel like I’m going a little crazy here, but I’ve left my site alone for a few months and finally went to grab some updates - my docker is outdated, so attempting to run

./launcher rebuild app

However, I am getting a warning saying
"Aborting! Mail is not configured!";

So I go look in my app.yml, and all of my smtp settings are back to defaults. Where I’m confused is - shouldn’t this have prevented the community from functioning? At the very least, no new sign ups, lost passwords, etc? My stats are showing that I’ve had 26 new signups in the last week.

How did this get reset? What am I missing? Did my git pull stomp my servers old app.yml?

That is rather strange. Though it sounds like the app.yml was ‘updated’ and not rebuilt, so those settings wouldn’t have made it into the live version of your instance (which would explain why your site was still working :slight_smile:)

Hey Keith. I thought I recognized your name and see that I’ve helped you before. I hope that you don’t mind that I took the liberty of logging in to your server and having a look.

You’ve got a 2-container setup (I’m not sure why there is still an app.yml, it should be renamed or deleted), so you have separate data and web containers.

So you’d do an upgrade like

 ./launcher bootstrap web_only && ./launcher destroy web_only;./launcher start web_only

I’ve got more info here: Managing a Two-Container Installation - Documentation - Literate Computing Support (and I think there’s a topic here as well, but I don’t see it in a quick search).

Also, you’re running PG 10, which might causes problems with an upgrade. See PostgreSQL 13 update for details on how to do that. You probably need to do the PG upgrade


Hi @pfaffman !

You are absolutely correct - this is 100% user error, and that’s what I get for diving back into this so late at night. Thank you!

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Glad you’re back up! Sorry if I was the one who switched you to 2-container and left the app.yml there to trip you up! I try to rename them something without .yml so that they can’t be accessed by mistake.

So make sure that you do the same.

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