Rebuild problem

Hello everyone. I just changed my SMTP settings in app.yml.
I wanted to rebuild app, but i cant. it looks like this:

Anybody knows the problem?


i too am getting the similar issue when trying to rebuild a container.


Started my old container using
./launcher start app. But still cant rebuild a container as of now.


./launcher destroy app
then ./launcher rebuild app
doesn’t work either :frowning:

I’ve just got this problem and my site is down! (I know I know I should really have a staging site to test such things first).

just type ./launcher start app

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Worked for me now its on!

go to

theres an update for discourse. maybe this will solve this error.
i am checking this now

I am facing exactly the same problem, for a server migration.

I need to change e-mail settings (Mandrill -> SparkPost), but change is not taken into account.

Edit: and I am already up-to-date:

Looks like my fault. I’m going to see if it’s what I think it is and submit a PR in a few minutes.

If I’m right, edit launcher and remove the exit statement just after “echo done JP” :frowning:


deleted exit after that echo.
works like charm <3

With your fix it’s all good for me. Even e-mail settings.

Thanks :thumbsup:

Sorry, folks. I left in some code I was using to facilitate debugging my changes. Thanks @jakubmierzejewski. Hopefully this will get pulled in soon and others won’t get bitten. I’ll put some procedures in place to see that I don’t do this again!

Sorry @mrdiscourse and @Alankrit_Choudh & @twicedd