Social Share

This is fantastic, thanks so much! It’s a great addition and I love the customization we’re able to add.

I did notice an issue or perhaps a misconfiguration on my part. When highlighting text to share as a quote, the mini tool bar wants to list every custom share icon I added and it won’t fit. I tried to scroll and arrow over, but it’s just cut off. Not a show stopper, but maybe of interest to the devs.

Screen Shot 2023-08-06 at 6.28.53 PM

I jumped over to share quote buttons but it doesn’t look like I can add or remove anything there.



For anyone that wants to implement this, but with social networks not on the list. Make sure you read Replace Discourse's default SVG icons with custom icons in a theme and How to overrule a color variable for one theme only? - #7 by smrtey which will walk you through configuring about.json, that’s key so you can add the icons-sprite.svg file!

If you want to replace share icons, this thread is your friend, Use standard share icon for share post (instead of link icon) - #9 by bquast :+1:t3: