Social share components do not appear

Installed the theme component and added link sharing for LinkedIn, which was confirmed to be working by another user. Link share icons do not appear.

  • social share links: linkedin,fab-linkedin,linkedin share,
  • svg icons: fab-linkedin



Copied your settings exactly but no LinkedIn share icon:


But I’m also missing the Twitter and Facebook share icons, and these should be active by default: (?)


@Bcat I’m running discourse v2.6.0.beta2 +381. Which version are you on?

I’ve just tried configuring the theme component with exactly the same settings are were posted above. It is working for me, so I don’t think there is a bug in the theme component.

If you are able to open your browser’s web inspector to its console tab, do you see any errors appear in the console after you click the “share” button?

Can you try opening your site in safe-mode to see if the missing icons are a result of a site customization?


Well this is interesting: I tried safe-mode, and hey pronto, the twitter and facebook icons came back. Checked the console and found no errors. Exited safe-mode, and then I see this:


Still don’t think this looks like a bug?

@Ed_Bobkov Maybe a peek in safe-mode and in the console will bring back your share icons too.

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You are asking about discourse-social-share theme so you have to use it!
The image you above is default