Soft close for a topic by OP

Some Discourse forums feature categories focused on problem-solving, utilizing the solved plugin.

Closing topics immediately after a solution is selected offers several advantages. It creates a clean Q&A topic, eliminating side discussions, unrelated questions, and latecomer queries that can resurface months later. Such topics enhance the user experience and improves the quality of related topics.

Typically, only users with moderator privileges can reopen a closed topic. However, there is merit in enabling OPs to perform a ‘soft close,’ allowing them to close and later reopen their topics. This approach encourages quicker topic closure, resulting in more valuable Q&A topics. Closed topics with solutions tend to be more concise and are more likely to be read when discovered.

The changes desired:
When the solved icon is checked, a prompt is automatically displayed to the original poster (OP), inquiring whether they wish to close the topic immediately or bookmark it for future reference, with a reminder to revisit in a few days for closing. The prompt also assures them that they can reopen the topic if necessary.