Solved post still remains after changing category

#general -> users can not mark a topic as a solution.
#support-> users can mark a topic as a solution.

When changing the category from support to general, The solved answer still remains, as well as the solved icon in the topic list. I attached a video link below: (make sure to set it to best quality)

Why would you expect it to work any differently? This seems correct to me. The category defines new behavior of new topics, not historic or old topics manually moved there.


I prefer this way. Creating one category only for open questions and when (and if) solved, moving to the appropriate one helps keeping things organized for our forum.

I thought, that when a user randomly selects one category (support), and marks something a solution, which isn’t a solution, changing the category should undo that. From what I have seen, you can’t even undo the solved post after changing the category, although being admin/mod.

Correct because you’ve moved it to a category where the buttons to control the saved state aren’t enabled.

It wouldn’t make any sense for recategorisation to be a destructive change. What if they moved it to a category which didn’t have solved enabled in error?

That’s what happened, the new category I moved the topic does not have solved enabled. I mean, sometimes members without knowing what the solved thing means, just press it and when we move the topic to the correct category, there is no way to undo the solved post.

Sure but for a moment let’s assume that a post was intentionally created in a category which had solved enabled, and then had an answer provided which was rightfully marked as the solution.

Would it make any sense to strip the solved status when a post is accidentally moved to a category where solved is disabled?

Remember, the category setting isn’t called “allow posts to show a solved status”, it’s:

So it’s working as advertised. Categories where that setting isn’t enabled don’t have the option to mark a reply as a solution, which is precisely what you experienced.


I guess that makes sense :slight_smile: