When moving a solved topic to a category that disallows solutions, remove solved

I’ve seen this too when moving topics out of a category where solved was set, any way to fix this @sam?

  • When moving a topic out of a category with solutions, remove solved stuff

  • When moving a topic into a category with solution, make solved possible


Agree, we should get this cleaned up, for now #pr-welcome


Added https://github.com/discourse/discourse/pull/4785, so that plugin can hook into :topic_category_changed. I think it is required in order to fix this issue.


Thanks for the PR @bekicot :thumbsup:

I was just curious but is it possible to avoid adding a DiscourseEvent trigger and just add a model callback which checks when the category_id has been changed?


Seems like this is still happening.

A topic marked as solution which is moved out of a category with solutions remains marked as solution (and cannot be unchecked as such)

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When one of the replies is marked incorrectly as the correct answer, then the admin sees that the category is wrong and moves the topic to another category. The marked replay is still displayed as the correct answer, even if this feature is not enabled in the new category.
In these cases, the admin can not cancel the marked replay. It should change the category to where this feature is enabled. Cancel the correct answer and change the category again.

It would be a little easier if managers could cancel the correct answer in all categories (even those with this feature turned off).