Some Ansible scripts that help me start a new server

This gets me on to installation steps much quicker. Takes care of Git, Docker installation, etc. Currently only tested on but should work for others. Just need to skip the first block if using AWS or something like that where you don’t log in as root.

Not sure if I will have much more to add. But could be useful if this could complete a full basic installation of Discourse, by use of config templates.


My install service uses ansible to fully automate the installation. One playbook creates the digital ocean droplet, does some basic settings manipulation, and creates the domain in mailgun. Then it sends an email with the dns instructions and waits for the A record to be created and then waits for mailgun to validate the domain. It then proceeds to install Discourse, plugins, set up webhooks for mailgun bounce processing, creates the mail receiver, configures discourse to use it and sends a message to the user when it’s complete.

The piece that’s missing now is to do the dns configuration, but my clients use such a wide range of services that it would be a fool’s errand. ( I would likely have spent much less time to do the installations all by hand, but what’s the fun of that? )

Are your templates open-source?

Not right now. It’s not pretty enough to share and anyone who wanted the code would either be a competitor, or, more likely, someone who would need a bunch of free support getting it to work.

That is not necessarily true though. They could be someone who doesn’t need support and doesn’t want to compete. Glad you got something that works for you though.

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I agree with you in principle, but it would take some hours to make sure I didn’t have it polluted with private info. I’ve got several other things that are higher priority that I’m not getting done (several updates to import scripts, update to discourse-setup for maxmind api key for starters).