Need help installing Discourse

Is it easy now to install Discourse? I am looking for someone to help me with the installation.

Installing discourse using the supported docker method is very very easy. Just follow the guide for it literally tells you step by step what to do.

okay, so can you plz help me with the link?

IIRC, the standard install topic has a link to the guide.


You’re right it does have a link to the guide on GitHub. If the @Sathish_Voddepally already has a VPS then just skip past the setting up a VPS on DigitalOcean part and it should be smooth sailing. I’m a fairly technical person but stuff like this is beyond me and I was easily able to install Discourse using that guide.

ok, I have a server in so I can follow the same steps and install it. or is there any other way I wanted to install it on

You should just be able to follow the default instructions, I believe.

I have a number of installation packages available at They are automated so that you need only provide API keys for Digital Ocean and Mailgun and your hostname for Discourse. It’ll send you the required DNS settings and install Discourse when they are in place. It can do 2-container installations and set up a mail receiver as well. It also allows you to manage plugins.


Yeah you should be able to follow the instructions and install on a Hostinger VPS.

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Okay I will try this, I am a designer and not a developer so I am a bit scared of how long it takes, I agree when we do it on our own then we can understand much better but it all matters with effort. Let me give it a try and If I am getting an error I will post it here. Thanks.

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On one hand, maybe half an hour. On the other hand, I spent almost an hour getting someone’s mail-receiver set up because of a handful of things they did wrong when they started.

Ok, so, I have an email server on Hostinger and I can use it for installation right? do I need to have other things like unlimited storage etc?

If you get true unlimited storage, you should give a bunch of people 1PB each :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

More seriously though, if you’ve got a server, and you have an email server, then that should be all you need. (Besides a domain, ofc)

Aha :smile:

After Jay introduced me to his dashboard. I would highly recommend as it will simply your work flow. Especially if your experience with Linux & discourse is new.

It is still good to learn some of the backend of course. But this is definitely a great option for self hosting if your tech staff is limited and would allow your team to have more focus on the community and tweaks in theming.