Some Problems have been found

In my installation always appears:

But i setup all the logos dor my site

Here is the Picture - could only upload one picture per Post…

Did you set these just recently? Can you try hitting Refresh on the warning?

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If i refresh nothing happens.
I set these after the message appears.

I reported the same problem way back with no solution an apparently my post was deleted. The ask me to press the little refresh button, but it didn’t help. I think that it doesn’t recognize the images when you use a different domain.

Depending on how long ago you uploaded the logos to the “assets” topic, and what may have changed since, it could be the URLs are no longer valid?

i.e. if you go to the post(s) in the assets topic that you uploaded the logos to, are they displayed there OK?

Maybe try “rebuild HTML” on those posts to see if the image URLs differ from the three you used in the Settings, and if they are different, try updating them.

I just put a URL of an image hosted on amazon AWS, outside the server and it still show that error.

d-logo-sketch-small.png is the default pencil sketch Discourse logo. The notice is telling you to upload something else.