None of the settings are saving

In the admin settings tab, when I add, say, twitter auth, I press the green check. It should save, right? When I log out and try signing up with twitter, it fails. I initially thought it was my fault. Nope: discourse didn’t save anything.

Does this usually happen, and is there a fix? I would like to add that I’ve added GitHub auth and it works fine… but I added that yesterday.

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You’re going to need to give us way more information before we can provide you with any help here.

A bug needs clear steps to reproduce the issue. For now:

  • How was this instance installed?
  • Is it installed on a dedicated subdomain, or a subfolder?
  • Which browser did this occur with? Have you tried any others?
  • Are you using any kind of browser Adblock or anything else which might be altering the content of the page?
  • Are there any errors in your browser console?
  • Are there any messages in /logs ?

My bad, I did fix it however.

I will add the steps here in case I forget:


don’t think so

chrome, and no


not allowed to check

didn’t check.

My fix was that I just restarted the repl. Don’t know how that works but ok.

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Was it behind Cloudflare?

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It is behind Cloudflare, in DNS Only mode, is that an issue?


Perfect, DNS only mode is ideal.

I asked because this:

is a common symptom of people using Cloudflare in a mode where it’s rewriting JS and/or blocking requests.


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