Move a post but make it unread

Some posts are prepped in a work-in-progress category that others can still read and unleashed when ready. They are let out of their cage by moving them to another category. However, doing so makes them appear like an old, read post. Is there a way to make them appear like new posts that others would be interested in reading (other than copying and pasting into a new post)?

Yes - you can change the timestamp of any topic. Use the wrench on the right or below the post for topic admin actions.

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other options are to use our scheduled post feature:

or use shared drafts:


IIUC, I am to falsify the publication date of the post so that it becomes earlier than when the post was initially created?

I like the shared draft feature but it looks to be exclusive to the staff group.

You can set the date to be when you make the post public. Consider it an unpublished draft until then.


I’m going to try this. Thanks.

Didn’t work. The post shows up as if it’s been read. At least to me. To be clear, the post was in one category I moved it to another category and then changed the timestamp (to the current day).

It will show up as unread for anyone who hasn’t opened it - try it with a test user account.