Something missing in "Select images or files from your device ()"?

What should be between the parentheses in this message?

I’m on Discourse v1.5.0.beta2 +83. Chrome 46 on Windows.

Click the upload icon in the composer menu here and you’ll see the approved file types

select images or files from your device (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .svg, .txt, .ico, .yml, .csv, mp3, json)

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Looks like a small bug then. I have my extensions set to *:

Shouldn’t * appear between the parens, or perhaps no parens at all?

Yep small bug for @zogstrip to look at. I would just hide the () part if they specified all file types. (by the way this is very dangerous)

I’d love to blacklist .exe, but that doesn’t seem possible? Users of my forum upload all sorts of custom file formats from various self-tracking apps, and having an inclusive list failed every time someone came up with some data dump from a new app.

Maybe an alternative would be for Discourse to display a short help text in that dialog along the lines of “Please zip any file with an extension not in this list”.

Here’s the fix :green_apple: