Sorting Categories by Title

One thing we use Discourse for is to list songs and concerts for two choirs I’m in.
It would be useful if the songs were sorted alphabetically.

Is there any way of setting the sort for a category by title?

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AFAIK it’s not a default option because that’s not really a use case for discussion software. It sounds a lot like something more suited to a wiki or basic document management.

Have you considered adding a list of topics sorted by alpha to the topic description? It’s going to be the least complex solution.

I imagine you can achieve it through a theme component though.

I have thought of this. It’d be good enough for the moment.

Discovered the calendar plugin has the ability the enable sort by agenda which looks like it works for the concerts category.

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Honestly this sounds like a good use case for a wiki topic:

Have you seen Discourse Calendar ?


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