Sort topics in user-defined/alphabetical order

Hey there,

Is it possible to sort topics (e.g. alphabetically)?

I would like to create a category (users only have the possibility to read the topics) in which I explain features for my application. The feature names should be the topic names and then all topics should be in alphabetical order.
Of course, I could directly create them in alphabetical order, but if there are new features in the future, and I create a new theme for them, the whole order is no longer given. Unless I rewrite the complete list.
Or is there a plugin?

Nope, you can’t do that by default, the only choices are those visible in the category setting Topic List Sort By:

  • Activity
  • Category
  • Created
  • Likes
  • Original Post Likes
  • Posters
  • Posts
  • Views
  • Votes

To get a list sorted alphabetically I think your only choice is to build a plugin. Or follow the workarounds you can find in Feature request: Sort display of topics Alphabetically