Sorts for Topics Listed Under Activity

We all have a page for user activity, mine’s linked here. Perhaps we could have sorts, similar to the list of users for things such as replies and visits? My current solutions are to either:

a. download all my activity, which is tedious
b. manually count my activity, which is tedious
c. ask for a plugin- but I feel like this should be in base Discourse.

Point c brings me to the point of this topic. Could this potentially be added? Just a suggestion.

There’s already a User activity page which shows exactly that list view, but for Topics created by the user, like this one, but it doesn’t have sorting.

Are you suggesting something different? Or the columns shown there to be clickable to sort?

I am requesting exactly this. I am aware of the User activity page (I talked about it in the OP), and for any individual user’s topics page existing. In fact, there is an image (the only image) of it in my topic. In addition, the title asks for “Sorts” and this statement exists within the topic:

So as a synopsis, I am looking for a topic sort feature to be added, and am aware of everything else mentioned in your reply.