Space between first name & last name? :'(

Hi everybody! Thanks for this forum I try to use for my own car community :slight_smile:

I found old topic about these and some without any answer so I take my chance (needed to subscribe here for this question ^^).

In the last 20 years I used and managed IPB and vBulletin. And I’m surprised in the fact that many of basics features of them cannot be found in Discourse (like all the wysiwyg in the formatting toolbar).

And so… we can’t use space between first name & last name.
For me it’s a real problem. I’m John Smith, not John_Smith. Especially if I suscribe to a Discourse forum through my Facebook account, as John Smith again.

But if I look well… people here seems to be able to use space! Like him:

If I’m right I see here his first name, space, last name, his nickname, and his discourse title.
So how can I have my space in names too? :’(


Simple - type it into the name field with a space:

As for the site settings, see:


Thanks I did the correction on my admin panel :slight_smile:

So if I understand well, in fact we are registered as a nickname but we can add our real name. More easy to use the @ I suppose like @omarfilip here. But Facebook can do that with space without problem… :thinking:

Btw if I see the “your full name (optional)” on my own discourse’s profile I don’t have this option here :slight_smile: (in /preferences/account). Maybe a rank/trusted user matter.

Thanks for your time!

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