Feature request: make the "deduplication" of name vs. user name a site setting

Discourse apparently has a “feature” to display only the username (or only the real name) if the two are very similar, ignoring spaces and underscores. (see User directory not prioritize the full name if same as username)

Please make this “feature” a site setting so we can disable it. We would like to display the real name consistently. The problem is that it is not necessarily clear enough that a username is, in fact, someone’s real name, or vice versa.

“prioritize username in ux” enabled:

“prioritize username in ux” disabled:

How do I really know Steve Reinert’s username is steve_reinert or vice-versa? We’d like to show this consistently. Also sometimes it is not decipherable, for example is leoso Leo So or Le Oso or Leos O?


This theme component already exists:


Cool, I’ll give it a try. Thanks!