Spam account scanner script

I’ll start off by saying, I’m not a great programmer. This is the first “real” tool I’ve written that’s (potentially) useful to people other than me. I’d love any feedback/criticism you have.

I’ve written a Python script that scans through the list of suspect and/or silenced users and lets you delete them if necessary. I ran it over on Mozilla’s Discourse and deleted a few dozen accounts - this was only after I deleted close to a hundred by hand.

There are a few things that seem pretty hacky, especially lines 174 to 191. As I said, I’d appreciate any feedback you might have, and would be happy to answer any questions!


Very cool! One thing you’ll want to do is be sure Akismet is enabled, as we recently (within the last 2-3 months) added a feature where the Akismet plugin will scan new user accounts for spammy stuff and flag them for you thanks to @Roman_Rizzi :clap:

Yes, completely human spam account signups – accounts that never post once, just set up an account with profile info and walk away forever – is indeed still a problem. The below is even after Akismet checking:

But bear in mind user profiles aren’t indexed at all, and new user profiles have seriously suppressed info… and our Akismet change helps tremendously.

Having a cleanup tool is still needed though!


I didn’t know that! I’ll have to talk to @LeoMcA to see if we want to enable that.


Suspect users are now being sent to the Review Queue, which removed the suspect users list this script was using. As they’re being pushed to manual review, is this needed now?